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National Wilms Tumor Study Group

  The National Wilms Tumor Study Group (NWTSG) is a Federally funded, multi-institutional study of the treatment of patients with Wilms tumor . The study involves the collaboration of a large number of pediatric surgeons, pediatric oncologists, pediatric radiation oncologists, pediatric urologists, and allied health professionals with a goal of developing more effective treatments for children with Wilms tumor, as well as looking for the causes of this cancer.


 National Childhood Cancer Foundation


 The National Childhood Cancer Foundation is dedicated to reducing the devastating impact of cancer on infants, children, adolescents and young adults by supporting clinical and laboratory research on cancer causes, treatments, and cures, and by education and advocacy for the needs of children with cancer and their families.


Gold Ribbons for Childhood Cancer

  The gold ribbon™ is the official ribbon of childhood cancer awareness, endorsed by families of children with cancer worldwide, Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation, the National Childhood Cancer Foundation, support groups, friends, caregivers, and treatment centers.




Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation


 The Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation® (CCCF) was founded in 1970 by concerned parents of children with cancer.

 National Children's Cancer Society


 The National Children's Cancer Society helps children with cancer through nationwide programs and services. With financial and emotional support, children and their families can more effectively deal with the difficulties of cancer treatment.



  The organization that has granted more than 83,000 wishes to courageous children around the world.


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